About us, our products, our way of doing things, and our future goals.

Surclean was founded, together with its partner business, SMT, over 25 years ago by Engineers and Material Scientists who shared a common goal of providing innovative products to help all  manufacturers improve both their processes and productivity, whilst reducing their environmental impact, which in turn helps them to deliver better products for their customers around the world.

The SMT-Surclean team bring decades of experience in high technology manufacturing and materials within sectors such as Aersopace, Propulsion and Medical Electronics delivered to our customers through advanced manufacturing materials and process support products. Materials evaluation and process optimization has always been a cornerstone of our business. Our support Engineers enjoy a first class reputation in the industry for rapid identification of solutions where problems arise or process changes need to be implemented. A result of extensive, practical, industrial experience.

Originally operated from a single small unit, SMT-Surclean has progressively expanded through multiple sites to where it currently operates in a custom built Factory site with adjacent bulk chemical storage facilities. All manufacturing, warehousing, technical  support, and development functions are now integrated into a single facility for efficient, seamless operations.

Because of the increasing importance of process control and monitoring technology in production operations, SMT-Surclean have expanded the in house development team to include Electronics design and Software Engineering. The result of this forward looking decision is the recent launch of innovative industry leading Electronic, multi parameter Chemistry monitoring systems which give customers an unprecedented insight into their cleaning processes and control of cleaning quality.

SMT-Surclean have always recognized the importance of low emissions and low toxicity levels within manufacturing operations. Increasing awareness of the impact on the environment of all the processes within Electronics and general manufacturing dictate an increased emphasis on process support materials made from renewable and sustainable raw materials. Right from the start of our Business we pushed a core philosophy of reducing VOC emission by moving to newer, safer solvent technology and Aqueous based materials. Now our mission is focussed on our new Greener Planet cleaning materials range featuring products manufactured from Bio-sourced Chemistries and materials.

SMT-Surclean  ‘Big Solutions for a Small Planet’.