Surclean are introducing their new Greener Planet range

Surclean are introducing their new Greener Planet range of performance cleaning materials aimed at helping customers at all levels move toward sustainable processes in Electronics Manufacturing. The initial product offerings cover saturated and dry wipes, and both Aqueous and Solvent cleaning chemistries for the majority of process cleaning tasks within the industry. They are sourced from 100% Biomass raw materials, and are 100% Bio-degradable. The range, which has taken over two years to develop is supported by comprehensive sustainability information on all aspects, from the conversion of the Biomass to usable raw material, through to the packaging sustainability and Bio-degradation data, allowing the user to make informed choices

SMT USC400 Stencil Cleaning System upgrade

The popular and long established SMT USC400 on contact Ultrasonic Stencil System has been upgraded to a higher Transducer power output to support cleaning of the latest generation of Ultra Fine Pitch Solder Pastes from conventional and Pump Print Stencils. The newer generation of UFP Pastes using Class 4 and 5, now 6 particle sizes are easily trapped within the corners of small stencil apertures, causing blockages, loss of print image resolution, and can be difficult to remove, even in high performance offline Cleaning Systems. The SMT USC400 can be taken to the printer online and used to clear blockages without removing the Stencil from the printer, and thereby avoiding the need to reset the Printer parameters.

The USC400 advanced autotune system means no low frequency harmonic vibration is applied to the Stencil, and maximum Transducer power is always available as the cleaning head is moved over the Stencil surface.

The USC400 is ideally suited to mesh mounted legacy Stencils in conventional frames. It is particularly effective when partnered with Surclean SC100, SC400, and the latest SC3003 Stencil cleaning chemistries.