Cross Reference Data – Surclean / Competitors.

Surclean ProductApplicationDr. O.K. Wack Chemie Prod.
Screenclean 400Stencil CleaningZestron SD100 and SD300
Screenclean 500Stencil CleaningVigon SC and Vigon SC200
SC2000Post Solder PCB CleaningZestron FA and Zestron GP
SC2500Post Solder PCB CleaningVigon A200
Surclean ProductApplicationElectrolube Product
Surclean SPR2050Post Solder PCB CleaningStandard Safewash
Surclean SPR2100Post Solder PCB CleaningSafewash-Super/SWAX/2000
Surclean SPR2300Post Solder PCB CleaningNon-Foam S/Wash SWAX
Ecosolve 300Localized flux cleanerElec. Clean. Solv. Plus. ECSP
Ecosolve 200Localized flux cleanerFluxclean FLU400DB
Screenclean 100Solvent type-Stencil CleaningElectrolube SSC
Screenclean 200Water wash-Stencil CleaningElectrolube SSS
Labelsolve20Paper Label Remover-SolventElectrolube LRM label remover
Surclean ProductApplicationChemtronics Product
Ecosolve 300Localized flux cleanerElectrowash PR/PX Clean/degrs
Ecosolve 200Localized flux cleanerFlux-off Rosin Flux Remover
Screenclean 200Used as aqueous flux cleanerFlux-off Aque. Ros. Flux Remov.
Screenclean 200Used as aqueous clean/degrsElectrowash 2 step clean/degrea.

Ultrawipe / Ultraroll Lint Free Wipe – Technical Specification

General Product Description

Ultrawipes are manufactured from a synergistic blend of virgin Polyester and Rayon hydro entangled into a high strength uniform fabric. The material is a premium quality product that has been custom developed to provide the optimum balance of attributes such as high absorbency, toughness, abrasion resistance and freedom from particle generation and abrasive characteristics found in other competing materials that contain wood pulp derived cellulose.

Ultrawipe material contain no wood pulp or reconstituted materials.

Ultrawipe has been specially developed for the demanding service conditions of Under Stencil Automatic Cleaning systems and heavy-duty manual wiping tasks. It is also suited to critical applications involving lens and optic cleansing. Ultrawipe material is stable when saturated with all types of industrial solvents, acids, alkali, amines etc. and exhibits exceptional wet burst strength and stability when pre-saturated with cleaning solvent blends.

Technical Specification – Ultrawipe material

Basic weight: 68 gms/sq.metre
Dry tensile strength – 3230 MD n/m – 1104 CD n/m
Dry elongation: 0.68 MD u/u – 0.97 CD u/u
Wet tensile strength – 3135 MD n/m – 624 CD n/m
Wet elongation – 2.25 MD n/n – 0.98 CD n/n
Mullen burst – 248 K Pa
Tear Strength – 87 MD grams – 98 CD grams
Absorption capacity – 650% typical
Water absorption – 42 cc / 100 cm2 typ.

Other Data-Extractable Ions in:- Non Volatile Residue (g/m2)

Deionized Water (PPM)
Deionized Water: 0.160
Chloride: 13
Isopropyl Alcohol: 0.125
Sodium: <10
1,1,1 Trichloroethane: 0.13
Potassium: <21
Freon: 0.077
Magnesium: <9
Total Halogens (PPM): 210
Calcium: 29
Total Sulpher (PPM): <10.0
Aluminium: <5

Particle Generation

Particles ≥ 0.5 um/m2 (millions)
IES-RP-CC-004.2, section 5.1

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21 year product history of reliability and safety.

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