Process Monitoring

The long established and highly successful SMT USC400 on contact Ultrasonic Stencil Cleaning System has been upgraded to give a higher Transducer power output in order to support enhanced cleaning of ultra fine pitch Solder Paste residues from conventional and Pump Print type Stencils


Newer generation class 4, 5, and latterly class 6 and 7 Solder particle sizes can be difficult to remove when trapped in the corners of small Stencil apertures, even when cleaned in high performance offline cleaning systems. In addition UFP Stencils are more likely to clog and cause image resolution issues during Stencil Printing operations. The SMT USC400 can be used on the Printer to clear apertures without removing the Stencil, and thereby avoiding the need to reset the Printer parameters. The USC400 advanced frequency auto tune system means that unlike competing systems, no low frequency vibration is applied to the Stencil, and maximum Transducer output power is always available as the cleaning head is moved over the surface of the Stencil. The USC400 is ideally suited to cleaning of Mesh mounted legacy Stencils as risk of damage to the metal foil attachment Adhesive area is minimized. It is particularly effective when partnered with Surclean SC100, SC400, and the latest Surclean SC3003 cleaning Chemistries.     

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