Brightflow 210LF Universal Wave Solder Flux


Brightflow 210L – low solids pure synthetic wave solder flux for bothe Lead free and Lead based solder alloys.

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Surclean Brightflow 210LF is an advanced synthetic, low solids Wave Solder Flux for no clean Lead free and Lead alloy soldering operations. Brightflow 210LF is Bellcore qualified, Halide free, and is suitable for both leaded and surface mount component technology. Its wide range of application methods; spray, foam and wave; allows shops with multiple flow solder systems of different types to use one flux for all machines and applications. It has been proven also on Selective soldering and Dip Pot type systems. Brightflow 210LF is very process tolerant and will hit optimum performance at solder wave temperatures between 255 – 265 deg. C. Solder joints formed using Brightflow 210LF exhibit good wetting out, with a bright and shiny appearance. Residues are minmal to non evident so that assemblies can be ATE fixture tested straight from soldering. Cleaning is not required and Brightflow 210LF soldered assemblies do not show surface insulation resistance degradation. If cleaning of the boards is however desired, surclean Ecosolve 300 can be used for selective spot cleaning, and Surclean SC2500 Aqueous Flux cleaner can be used for batch type or automatic cleaning systems.

LF2220NC SDS Data sheet

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