Class 100 Cleanroom Screenclean 100 Ultrawipes


Ultrawipe Screenclean 100 Tub wipes – Cleanroom Class 100 packed – for cleaning Solder Paste and some Glues from Stencils.

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Ultrawipes are manufactured from a synerginistic blend of virgin Polyester and Rayon, hydroentangled into a high strength uniform fabric. The material is a premium quality product that has been developed to provide the optimum balance of attributes such as high absorbancy, toughness, abrasion resistance and freedom from particle or lint generation. It does not exhibit the abrasive characteristics found in other some other competing materials that contain wood pulp derived cellulose.

Ultrawipe material contains no wood pulp or re-copnstituted materials. Ultrawipe has been specifically developed for heavy duty manual cleaning tasks. It is suited to critical applications involving lens and optic cleansing. Ultrawipe material is stable when saturated with all types of industrial solvents (including Screenclean 100), acids, alkalis, amines etc., and exhibits exceptional wet burst strength and stability when pre-saturated with cleaning solvent blends.

Surclean Screenclean 100 Ultrawipes are saturated with a powerful but safe Propylene Glycol Ether blend capable of removing even hardened Solder Paste deposits and almost all uncured adhesives. It is capable of softening all the resins and rosin used in Paste and Adhesive in seconds. It evaporates completely leaving a clean, dry grease free surface behind. Screenclean 100 is harmless to most plastics, elastomers, rubbers and industrial finishes, and has good compatibility with the screen attach adhesives used with mesh backed framed Stencils. It is available as a standard industrial grade or specified to Cleanroom Class 100 standard. The Class 100 product chemical is filtered to 0.1 um, the container filtered air washed and then the product is double vacuum packed for integrity. Cleanroom grade SC100 is also available in liquid dispenser and bulk format for use with dry wipes if preferred. Screenclean 100 Ultrawipes are recommended for manual cleaning operations, particularly between print cycles or at the end of work clean up. Screenclean 100 is non ozone depleting and oxidizes rapidly so will not form smog or persist in the atmosphere as a pollutant. The chemical is fully bio-degradable and will not bio-accumulate. It is low toxicity, low odour, has a medium to high level flashpoint of 36 degrees C. for factory safety and is very economical in usage.

LF2220NC SDS Data sheet

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