Ionograph Test Fluid 75/25%


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Ionograph test fluid 75% IPA and 25% D.I. Water blend for use as the test fluid in all manufacturers and types of Ionograph test systems. Manufactured from very high purity grade Isopropyl Alcohol with ultra low levels of trace isomers such as Acetone etc. to a controlled assay quality. The D.I Water is processed and tested on site. The blended product is filtered to 0.3 um to remove any organic soil and particulate such as spores or spirobactor etc., and packed into containers which are vacuum airwashed in cleanroom conditions. Each container of finished product is checked for conductivity specification and batch labelled for traceability. Surclean manufacture and supply large quantities of Ionograph test fluids to both end users and manufacturers of Ionograph Test systems and their distributors. Surclean test fluids provide the best performance and reference standards for guaranteed accuracy and sensitivity in Ionic contamination measurement. The standard packaging size is 5 litre container, ready for use.

Ionograph Test Fluid 75/25% SDS