SMT USC400 Ultrasonic Stencil Cleaner


SMT USC400 Ultrasonic Stencil Cleaner – Benchtop system with hand transducer for on contact cleaning of fine pitch Stencils.



The SMT USC400 is a highly portable Ultrasonic contact type Stencil Cleaning system. In use the operator moves the hand tool over the Stencil after spraying with cleaning fluid. The tranducer in the hand tool vibrates the contamination through even the smallest Stencil apertures. The residues are collected on disposable wipe material under the Stencil. The SMT USC400 excels in removing difficult high tack residues such as those found with Lead free Solder materials. Direct contact Ultrasonic cleaning is the most effective way to remove Lead free Solder paste residues from fine pitch Stencils.

The SMT USC400 is suitable for both offline and on Printer cleaning operations. Stencil cleaning can be carried out on the Printer without removing the Stencil frame. Because the USC400 is highly portable, it can be easily moved between work areas or Printers.

An optional Ultrasonic Mini-bath is available which extends the versatility by allowing cleaning of machine accessories such as placement nozzles, glue dispensing needles and test probes etc.

SMT USC400 features

    • Light weight for workplace portability.
    • Rugged industrial construction for long service life.
    • Suitable for all Stencil materials including Plastic.
    • No risk of damage to delicate Stencils.
    • Suitable for cleaning all printable materials, including Paste, Inks,
    • Resists, and SMD Adhesives.
    • Advanced Transducer Autotuning system gives optimum cleaning performance on all applications.


SMT USC400 benefits

  • Minimal use of cleaning fluids; lower cost and less VOC’s.
  • Versatile; use on or offline, cleans machine accessories and nozzles.
  • Portable; take the cleaning system to the job.
  • Improved process yields, particularly on fine pitch applications.
  • Optimum Stencil cleaning solution for Lead free process.
  • Affordable; low acquisition cost.
  • Simple operation; requires no operator setting.
  • Safe; low voltage, high efficiency transducer drive circuitry.