DKL Metals LOWSAC Y Alloy 1 kg Solder Bar


DKL E-Qual Lowsac type Y Solder 1 kg bar – low cost Lead free alternative to SAC Alloys – Use for most wave solder processes.

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DKL E-Qual Lowsac Y is an economic, low cost, lead free alternative to Tin/Lead, Tin/Copper and traditional high Silver content SAC alloys. It is suitable for use in most types of Wave Soldering applications, but may not be suited to all mass production, high reliability assembly environments. Lowsac Y is compatible with Surclean Brightflow 210LF and most other Flux types including low solids, no-clean and VOC free formulations. Undesirable additions such as Copper and other contaminent levels should be monitored by periodic analysis. DKL offer a bath analysis service for users of their Solder bar products. Contact either Surclean or DKL for further information. Copper levels can usually be controlled by top-up with E-Qual Lowsac YE Copper free alloy. Optimum temperature range for operation of the Solder bath is 265 deg. C +/- 5 deg. C. Standard stock bar size is 1 Kg.

LF2220NC SDS Data sheet

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