SPR 2100 (Ready Diluted)


SPR2100 – Powerful aqueous chemistry for post solder PCB cleaning by immersion/ultrasonic. Water rinse. Diluted.

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Surclean SPR2100 is a strong semi-aqueous cleaning solution based on the successful SPR2050 chemistry, but specified at a higher active Solvent concentration level for enhanced removal rates of Flux residues and other soils, including some hard to clean ‘no-clean’ types.

Due to its low foaming characteristics, it is particularly suitable for use in single or multi-tank batch type cleaning systems, but can also be effective when used in its concentrated form in dishwater type cleaning systems. SPR2100 retains all the environmental and operator safety characteristics of SPR2050, and can be supplied ready diluted with high purity de-ionised water or in concentrated form allowing the user to vary the dilution ratio to a level which gives acceptable cleaning results.