Solder Bar / SAC305 Alloy / 1 Kg.


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DKL E-Qual 97TSC is a high quality SAC305 type alloy Solder Bar based on patented Senju technology, and is fully patent license paid. It is suitable as a substitute for Tin/Lead alloys in all Electronics Soldering operations. It has been proven in Wave, Selective and Dip bath type Soldering systems. Copper levels can usually be controlled by top-up with E-Qual 97TS Copper free alloy. Copper levels should be monitored by periodic analysis. DKL can offer a bath analysis service for users of their Solder bar products. Contact either Surclean or DKL for further information. E-Qual 97TSC is compatible with all types of flux including Surclean Brightflow 210LF. Standard stock bar size is 1 Kg.

LF2220NC SDS Data sheet

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